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Agricultural inputs / auxiliary inputs


Input Lists


Agricultural inputs are defined as products permitted for use in organic farming. These include feedstuffs, fertilizers and permitted plant protection products as well as cleaning agents and additives used in food production. The assessment of their suitability for organic farming is undertaken by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Switzerland and by InfoXgen in Austria respectively.


All the products that have been evaluated can be accessed on the Internet. The link will take you to the search form for Switzerland and Austria.


Evaluation of agricultural inputs by InfoXgen: Agricultural inputs are evaluated based on the EU Organic Regulation and the Standards of the Austrian organic certifier BIO AUSTRIA. All listed products can be retrieved using the product search. Products can be filtered by category, name or company name. It is also possible to generate a confirmation of conformity for each individual product or for all products sold by a particular company. Every year a catalogue of all products that have been evaluated is sent to all Austrian organic enterprises. The conditions governing the inclusion of products on the input list can be found at this homepage.


Bio Suisse: The list is mandatory for Bio Suisse producers. As a general rule, only products contained in the input list (available in German or French) may be used on Bio Suisse holdings.


Swiss Ordinance on Organic Farming: For holdings producing to the standards of the Swiss Ordinance on Organic Farming, the Annex to the «Ordinance of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) on organic farming» (EVDV, SR 910.181) is mandatory.