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ID-Number 756784
Name Pichler jun. Berthold
Name of holding Ragelle
Street Schwall 7
Postcode / Place 9360 Friesach
Country AT

To find out for which standards and which products this company is certified, please select one of the certificates below. If no certificate is displayed, the company is currently not certified for any standard and therefore no product is certified. You can find expired certificates by selecting a date from the past in the field ‘As at:’
Certificates As at:
Number valid until    
AT-BIO-302.040-0009892.2024.001 31.01.2026 VO EU 2018/848

AT-BIO-302.040-0009892.2024.001 31.01.2026 TRACES certificate digitally signed

AT-BIO-302.040-0009892.2023.001 31.01.2025 VO EU 2018/848

AT-BIO-302.040-0009892.2023.001 31.01.2025 TRACES Zertifikat


Please note: If several certificates are listed for one standard, the certificate with the more recent date of issuance replaces the older certificate.

Approval of Private Standards As at:
Number valid until    
BA-3116-2024 31.01.2026 Bio Austria Zertifikat

BA-3893-2023 31.01.2025 Bio Austria Zertifikat