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What can I find in EASY-CERT?

What can I find at EASY-CERT?

-       Operators inspected and/or certified under bio or more quality standards

-       Certificates – both current and older

-       Label approvals – both current and older

-       Product information – both current and older

-       Customer portal giving access to supplementary information and functions


Individual product lists

 One of EASY-CERT’s features is the possibility to print out and save individual product lists. You decide whether you would like to filter the list by standards or products or whether you would like to print out and/or save the entire product list. Please make sure to print out your entire relevant product range in preparation of any audits.




When you view an operator’s details you will continue to see the currently valid certificates, label approvals and products. We have received some feedback with requests to allow for the possibility of viewing these details for any particular date in the past. As a new feature you may now view these details for any chosen date in the past four years. This extension allows you to also check older data relating to operations that are no longer certified. This function is not available with respect to bioC and OIC operators.


Where the operator information only shows the operator’s address, this indicates that the operation is either no longer certified or it is not yet certified, or that for the standard to which the operator is being certified no certificate is issued.